Helping nonprofits with expedient donation processing.

Nonprofits often require outside help with donation processing, database marketing services, and reporting. Let us lend a hand.

Problem: where to start

Turn to us for getting your donation processing off the ground.

A new nonprofit might have a great cause, experienced staff, and an eager donor base. But you need help processing with your technology and processing needs. Let our proven technology and robust donation processing procedures come to the rescue.

Problem: data management

Your fundraising efforts require a dedicated, fundraising specific database, not some Excel spreadsheets.

Our sophisticated system will manage your list accurately, ensure minimal duplication, and produce accurate, timely fundraising reports.

Problem: historical data capture

You don't want to have to keep files and folders of remittance and other documents all around your office.

Our scanning software images each check and remittance document. These images can easily be viewed online through our website.

Problem: integration

Your direct marketing group needs detailed reports and accurate data to feed their efforts.

Whether in-house or consultants, your direct marketing group provides the lifeblood for your organization. Using our website, they can pull the data they need. Or we can produce customized daily reports in Excel, to your specifications.

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