Unique solutions for a campaign's complex challenges.

Political organizations face the difficult task of driving fundraising, enabling the constituency, and managing data, all while staying in regulatory compliance. See how we can help.

Problem: overwhelmed by donations

You need outside help with your caging and database.

Often, enthusiastic volunteers simply aren't adequate for the intensive task of accurately caging your donations. You need skilled, experienced donation processing staff and dedicated, proven processes. Let us help.

Problem: compliance

Getting your data into reporting formats for federal and state compliance can be a huge challenge.

Synetech has produced FEC data for a variety of organizations from small PACS to Presidential campaigns. Let us get your the compliance reports and data you need, in your format, on your schedule.

Problem: documentation

With our imaging tools, no need to dig through file folders of Xeroxes.

We image the front and back of every check and remittance document. All images are online and instantly accessible.

Problem: reconciliation

Our detailed online reports, as well as our banking reports, can help you with reconciliation.

Reports are available to easily tie your check deposits to the batches and data in the system for easy rec. Our credit card tracking processes preserve the identifiers from every stage of the process to allow you to easily account for individual donations.

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