The caging services you need for a high-volume, high-pressure fundraising campaign.

At your campaign, sometimes you are wondering when the money will come in. At other times, you have more mail than you know what to do with. For any campaign, with any volume, we can help. Our specialized software and tailored processes will have the checks in the system and out the door to the bank in a snap.

Direct mail donation processing

We have processed donations for organizations with volumes ranging from a few hundred to a hundred thousand pieces per month.

In the political and nonprofit fundraising industry, there are frequently peaks and valleys in mail volumes corresponding to your solicitations and new appeals. We are accustomed to dealing with these varying volumes and can add new staffing, second shifts, and overtime as required.

To process your contributions, we use advanced high speed mail openers, check scanners, and remittance scanners to quickly open and scan the mail. We can process remittance documents up to legal size and additionally can process credit card direct mail receipts. You can read more about a typical processing flow here.

Credit card processing

Accepting credit cards can be a wonderful way to bring a whole new dynamic to your fundraising initiatives, enabling a donor base that was previously unreachable.

With our tools and systems, you can plug credit card processing into your website by calling a simple API. All credit card data is stored securely encrypted in the database. Our system interfaces with Authorize.Net, Cybersource, and Paypal, and we can easily add other gateways as needed.

Credit card processing brings a whole new set of challenges, from compliance and legality considerations, to reconciliation difficulties, and finally to dealing with all those fees, configurations, and vendors. We can help. We work with all the major gateways, and unlike some vendors, we do not just accept the authorizations into the database as completed contributions – we actually go to each gateway, download the settlement data automatically, and append it to the authorizations received manually or over the web to ensure that the contributions have settled. This process also appends useful information which is a great aid in reconciliation.

Check depositing

Electronic depositing is available for Bank of America customers to save time and reduce costs.

Bank depositing of check receipts can happen in one of two ways. They can be deposited as physical checks with handwritten or computer generated deposit slips. For clients depositing with Bank of America, we can deposit the bulk of the checks electronically through the Image Cash Letter service and only the exception items, cash, and money orders as physical deposits. This reduces time to clear and also cuts costs as the electronic deposits are less expensive than counter deposits. A dedicated account manager is responsible for daily bank runs and can assist with reconciliation.

Recurring donations

Our recurring donation system can automate the process of collecting monthly donations from your contributors.

Your existing donor base is your most valuable resource. Through a credit card sustainer or monthly giving program, you can easily tap that base on a recurring basis to provide a steady revenue stream to your organization. Our tools allow you to easily setup and manage your sustainer program. Sustainer gifts are fully integrated with your main processing database and can have specialized tracking and reporting. Additionally, we can easily add donors received via direct mail solicitations to the credit card program.

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