Compliance headaches, solved.

Having worked with the largest campaigns over the past ten years, we are expert in the arcane world of donation compliance. Our processes ensure that the information you need will always be available. Synetech provides a variety of compliance services including letter preparation, deposit instrument segmentation, donor aggregation, data file scrubbing, and matching fund preparation.

FEC compliance

Donor deduplication, data standardization routines, and tools such as address validation help ensure clean data.

Our sophisticated deduping routines automatically perform donor merges, keeping your file clean. Synetech also has a workflow process in which internal users can review donors and potentially matching duplicates on a variety of criteria, including partial address, partial name, and soundex matches.

Political campaigns are restricted in the sources of contributions they can accept. Synetech can easily batch receipts broken out by categories such as business, trust, partnership, and can flag transactions that are missing signatures or have other possible legal problems. These transactions can then receive follow up letters.

Synetech schedule A exports are produced in FEC standard format. These can easily be imported into NGP Campaign Office, FEC file, Navision, or other FEC tools. We are also capable of providing fully customized FEC reporting solutions such as we do for ActBlue and

Our web based tools allow you to produce a variety of compliance related reports, including finding donors with no addresses, missing employer/occupation information, and identifying transactions that might be eligible for reattribution or redesignation.

Synetech's online custom review tool is a powerful method for reviewing contributions for compliance or any other issues. By executing a custom search, you can produce a set of data to review and make changes to in a flip-through fashion, over the web. While reviewing the data all the images associated with the contribution are shown onscreen, making this an indispensable tool for ensuring compliance and finding matchable contributions.

Document & check imaging

Images put the information you need at your fingertips.

Imaging allows us to capture details that frequently go overlooked, such as a thank you note, suggestion to your organization, or request for a t-shirt. We can key this data, flag it, or just leave it on the images.

Imaging the front and the back of the checks is essential to proving the legality of contributions, as well as depositing the checks electronically. All images are easily viewable via a web based system.

When thank you letters or other correspondence are produced, these can be automatically tagged to the source contribution, and then when they are processed, they signed document can be re-associated with the original source – preserving a complete history of the life of that transaction.

Matching fund processing

Matching funds are still an important part of many Presidential campaigns.

With our experience serving Presidential campaigns, we know how to produce your matching fund submissions. We also know the importance of accurately categorizing each contribution based on matchability, and preparing letters and follow ups to get as many matchable contributions as possible. We are well known at the FEC and can ensure that your submissions will be successful.

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