Tailored databases and software for unique clients in a complex world.

We recognize that each client’s requirements are different and that a one size fits all solution is not appropriate for the nuanced world of contribution processing and donor management. Our custom data integration and programming services help bridge the gap.


Easily integrate your data flows, databases, and reporting needs.

Synetech is expert in managing and manipulating the variety of data flows that happen within the course of a campaign – be they a few handwritten contribution notes from a fundraiser in the field with a Xerox of a check, to an excel spreadsheet received from a third party, to a custom API for your website to send us to donations. Our advanced import engine can take your files in a variety of formats and with a range of data cleanliness including combined name fields. We can easily standardize disparate data to your specifications for a clean appearance in your database and your output reports.

For several of our clients we have produced custom API’s that have allowed them to send contribution data received from other sources to us electronically without the need for manual intervention by client or vendor staff. Additionally, we have a generic API that can be used for this purpose.

Custom databases

When an off the shelf database won't suffice, turn to us.

Synetech can customize the processing solution to fit your needs, including adding custom fields, providing daily reports in excel written to your specifications, and providing customized exports to your other systems.

Our system is inherently flexible and allows for multiple levels of donation tracking, the tagging of custom fields to supporters and donations, and a variety of outputs streams.

Custom programming

Sometimes, your needs can only be fulfilled by custom coding.

Synetech can provide custom programming services on your existing or envisioned system to help you achieve your fundraising goals. We can deliver tailored solutions using the Microsoft.NET platform and the VB.Net or C# programming languages. As experts in high volume databases, we can help tune or develop your custom SQL Server solution as well.

Examples of some past custom programming services include a FEC 48 hour notice creator, an image import and mapping application, and custom Access databases for client transaction review. We also have used the QuickBooks SDK to read accounting and contribution data into reporting systems for FEC compliance.

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