Caging, compliance, data integration, and programming services.

Synetech provides direct mail donation processing and compliance services to the political and nonprofit spheres. We also provide credit card processing and reconciliation services. Additionally, we specialize in complex data integration and custom programming for your website or other databases. Our system can automatically synchronize data with many leading campaign management and accounting tools, including NGP Campaign Office.

Direct mail donation processing

Our core business is direct mail contribution processing for political campaigns and nonprofits.

Using our proprietary software and robust workflow, we can process any volume of donations effectively, accurately, and to your standards.

Credit card processing

More and more the fundraising industry is turning to credit cards, particularly online, to streamline the process of collecting donations.

Credit card donations can be processed through our API and we can also key credit cards received in the mail.


Imaging is the key to fully auditable compliance and seeing a true picture of your donors.

By imaging all documents received in the remittance package, we can accurately capture information that might otherwise be missed.

FEC compliance

We can create your receipt schedule A or a customized reporting solution.

We can also produce customized exports for FEC auditors, and our imaging puts the information you need for compliance at your fingertips.

Custom database solutions & programming

Each campaign is different, and requires different solutions.

Most clients have their own distinct requirements, such as preferred reports, custom data points to be tracked, or external data that needs to be referenced. Synetech can easily produce custom reports, add fields to the database, or produce custom programs for unique needs such as nightly data exports.


One of the hallmarks of our services is our integration capabilities.

We are expert in managing and manipulating the variety of data flows that happen within the course of a campaign. Our advanced tools allow us to import and export data of any format or complexity.

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