Our proven in-house techonlogy, for use in your shop.

For some organizations, outsourcing their mail processing is not viable. Synetech is pleased to announce the upcoming commercial release of its donation processing software, anticipated in the 4th quarter of 2010.

Why this software?

The mid-volume donation processing market is currently grossly underserved.

Existing image systems fall into two categories: grossly expensive, high-end systems from the utility bill and credit card payment processing world, or low-end, tabletop remote deposit capture solutions from the bank. Neither of these solutions adequately addresses the need of the mid-volume market. Our flexible software package adapts to the needs of your organization, not the other way around, and offers features normally seen in the high end packages.

Mail processing

Maximize mail throughput.

Using low cost, tabletop check and document scanners or high end NCR and Opex transports, quickly image and identify your reciepts. Custom rules identify your documents on the basis of scan lines. Double entry amount verification ensures quick and easy batch balancing.

Credit card processing

Image, key, and redact your card data.

In this system, credit card mail contributions are imaged like any other piece. The credit card is then keyed and authorized in real-time and immediately redacted from the image. This eliminates risk points and minimizes paper handling.

Check 21

Save time and money.

By clearing up to 98% of your checks electronically, minimize staff overhead, float, and hassle.

Custom entry and export

Tailor post processing data entry to your needs.

Our system can easily expose data driven screens for order entry, survey response entry, or just about any data need. These screens are geared towards capturing only the data your organization needs and does not present your operators with confusing, extraneous, or redundant entry.


Visibility into your processing performance.

Detailed reports provide metrics on operator efficiency, daily volumes, and specific problem points such as mail pieces that are taking particularly long to enter. Higher level reports provided real time insight into fundraising trends, operator performance over the long haul, and total fundraising.

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