A robust, battle tested donation processing platform.

Synetech has a proprietary high volume caging, data entry, and donor management system developed and enhanced over the span of ten years. This workhorse is built on the Microsoft stack using Microsoft.NET and SQL Server 2008 database technologies. A web portal is used by clients to manage their campaigns. Over the years the system has processed tens of millions of transactions totaling more than a billion dollars.

Mail opening & scanning

Synetech uses industry specific, specialized equipment to maximize throughput in opening and scanning.

Mail pieces are opened using dedicated openers and sorters provided by Agissar Corporation. These devices allow opening several thousand pieces of mail per hour.

The scanning technology includes specialized check scanners capable of accurate MICR line reads manufactured by Canon, as well as document scanners manufactured by Fujitsu. We are capable of imaging any common deposit instrument and remittance documents ranging from envelope to legal size.

We also provide a lightweight check and remittance scanning solution that can be installed and used at your location. This simple solution is a low cost, desktop application that runs on Microsoft Windows XP or later. Please contact us for more information.

Data entry & contribution input

Our customized system allows for quick, accurate data entry, as well as contribution imports.

The data entry system integrates a CASS Certified address validator into the donor keying process, as well as advanced donor lookup and merge based on a variety of matching criteria including name, parts of the name, soundex, address parts, and email/phone matches. These tools greatly improve the quality of the data output and minimize duplicates. Data entry is performed off of the scanned images, not the physical documents.

Our software also incorporates an advanced proprietary ETL (extract, transform, and load) engine from which we can easily import donor, contribution, and other information into our system. Our Upload Engine can import from a variety of formats including text files, access databases, and excel files. Additionally, the source data can include a variety of contribution types including checks that have been processed by the client internally, credit cards that have settled from their website or some other gateway, or a list of credit cards with card numbers that need to be charged.

Deposits & credit cards

We can deposit via several different methods, and charge cards to various gateways.

Depositing can be done via traditional counter deposits at the bank or electronically via our Image Cash Letter service. Our custom software can easily upload deposits to Bank of America, saving customers money in bank fees.

Credit card processing is done via an Authorize.Net, Paypal, or Cybersource gateway. All processing is done securely and credit card details are encrypted.


Run detailed reports from the client website.

The client portal allows clients to login and view donors and transactions, update information where fit, run reports, and view deposit instrument and remittance images. Authorized users can produce reports by batch for deposit reconciliation, by source code for performance tracking purposes, or by a variety of other criteria. These reports can be exported to excel and provided to accounting staff or auditors.

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